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Vandana Patel Honored with Hospice Caregiver Award

Hospice of Central Ohio staff joined in recognizing Vandana Patel with the Hospice Caregiver Award for May.

The award is presented by Schoedinger Funeral and Cremation Service and Vandana was nominated by a volunteer who serves as a patient companion with Hospice of Central Ohio.

“I have worked with Vandana Patel for 14 months, since I was assigned as a Hospice of Central Ohio (HOCO) patient companion at Chapel Grove Inn in Heath, Ohio,” wrote Debbie Hamrick in her nomination. “I immediately noticed Vandana’s compassionate care for her patients as we assisted our patients in eating their lunch. She engages with her patients as one would engage with their own loved ones. She calls the patients by name and encourages them to eat when they may otherwise show no interest in eating. She asks them if they want to try one thing or another on their plate while sliding the loaded spoon into their mouth. She respects their wishes when they indicate a lack of interest in eating a particular food, but may try to offer that food again later. She often feeds more than one patient at a time, while maintaining a loving connection with each patient.”

Sometimes feeding a patient not only involves offering them food, but may also require attention to other patient needs. “Vandana is always on top of it,” the nomination continues. “Vandana chats with the patients as she feeds them. Some patients express concerns about family members and Vandana responds to their concerns with sensitivity and honesty. I recall one patient bemoaning the fact that her parents were mean to her and put her in “this place.” Vandana explained in a non-argumentative way that the patient’s parents were in heaven and did not put her here, but instead her daughter and granddaughter, who she identified by name, brought her here so “we” could take care of her. Another patients said that she didn’t know where her family members were and that they never come to see her, when in fact, her daughter visits her every evening. Vandana reminded her of that fact and asked if she remembered it.”

Thank you to Schoedinger Funeral and Cremation Services for recognizing Vandana Patel as a shining example of excellence in patient care. We are so grateful for her dedication to our hospice mission.