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A Privilege to Serve

As the Chief Operating Officer at Ohio’s Hospice, I have the privilege of speaking with newly hired staff on their first day of work. They might be starting here at Ohio’s Hospice or at one of our affiliates—Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton, Ohio’s Hospice of Miami County, Ohio’s Community Mercy Hospice, or Community Care Hospice.

Whatever their destination, I always ask our new teammates where they’re starting from. I ask them to share what brought them to the Ohio’s Hospice family.  And every month, I am awed by the stories and experiences I hear.

When I began working for Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton almost 14 years ago, I had had no experiences with Hospice, and I didn’t know much about the organization.  I joined mostly for the career opportunity.

Seeing firsthand the peace Hospice can give

Since then, unfortunately, I have had personal experiences with Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton.  I say “unfortunately”—but actually, I mean “fortunately.” Why? Because I have now witnessed firsthand the peace, comfort, and superior care that Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton gave to loved ones who were very dear to me.

When Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton began caring for my grandmother and my three uncles, I saw how my aunts were put at such ease as burdens were lifted from them.  I watched the wife and parents of a dear friend and mentor sit by his bedside as he passed away peacefully in our Dayton Hospice House.  I can’t imagine that they would have had the same experience in a hospital.

For these reasons, I am so grateful to be part of this wonderful mission, undertaken by such highly skilled and caring professionals.  Here, we take very seriously every life that we touch.  We set the highest standards for care because, after all, isn’t that what we would want for our loved ones?

Choosing staff committed to Hospice’s mission

I keep this in mind when I’m meeting new candidates who want to work at Ohio’s Hospice. We are very particular about who we choose—only individuals who are 110% committed to delivering superior care and services.  And we want that commitment to continue after their hire date. That’s why each nurse and nursing assistant we hire is required to become certified in hospice and palliative care within two years of their employment, and we support them in this effort.

As a result, I am proud to say that at Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton and Ohio’s Hospice of Miami County, over 94% of those who have been employed here for two years or more have successfully received certification.

It is the combined efforts all of these teammates that make our organizations special. They are the heart of Ohio’s Hospice. So, each month when I spend time with my new teammates, I remind them that just as they have had incredible experiences with hospice, they will now be helping others do the same. Because even end-of-life experiences can be life-changing.

It’s truly a privilege to be part of that.


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